Earth-conscious farmers are disgusted with the damaging effects of calcium chloride tire ballast.  They are dismayed with corrosion to tire rims, costly repairs for minor tire punctures, and the toxic effects on ground and animals in case of a spill.  Now there is an environmentally friendly alternative.
 Calcium chloride is extremely corrosive, toxic and requires a tube. 
Iron weights are expensive ($1-$2/lb.) and are often located where they don’t do the most good.  Rim Guard™ costs about $.28/lb. retail.  If the tractor has a front-end loader, weight is needed in the rear to counter the weight of the loader and to maximize traction. 
Rim Guard™ is loaded in the rear tires where it is most needed.  It also can be loaded in the front tires of 4WD tractors to further enhance traction and in 2WD models to reduce nose lift when pulling heavy loads.  Rim Guard™ will lower the center of gravity, thereby increasing vehicle stability on hilly or sloping terrain and greatly enhance operational safety.  Besides farm and compact tractors, Rim Guard is used in backhoes, skid steers, and pay loaders.

    Rim Guard™ is made from an agricultural byproduct of sugar beet processing. 
It is water soluble.  If spilled on the ground, Rim Guard™ will likely make plants grow better once diluted with water.  It is animal food grade safe. 

    Because Rim Guard™ is totally non-corrosive tubes are not needed, saving both the cost of the tube and the labor to install it.  With Rim Guard™, you’ll never have to replace a rim due to corrosion and never have to struggle with a tire that is fused by rust to the rim along the bead.  Minor punctures can be plugged just like car tires.

    When equipment needs ballast, the best choice—the environment’s choice—is
Rim Guard™.  Call us at 609-561-1155 or E-mail us for more information and pricing.
RIM GUARD™ is a new liquid tire ballast developed specifically as an environmentally friendly alternative to calcium chloride and other liquid ballast solutions. 
Rim Guard™ is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic, biodegradable, does not freeze down to -35F and weighs 10.7# to 11# per gallon.

    Compact and utility tractors have grown in popularity in the past several years.  
These tractors often have more horsepower than their weight can effectively use. 
Adding ballast significantly improves stability, pulling power and efficiency by reducing wheel hop and slippage.  Typically the answer has been to add a calcium chloride solution to the tires, iron weights on the tractor’s nose, or wheel weights.